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I want to congratulate you on making a very smart decision by asking me to perform The Great Study of Karmic Revelations.

Before I start working on your reading, I need you to know a few very important things.

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My Dear Friend,

As I mentioned earlier, the next (3) months are crucial to the rest of your life…

But It is also my duty to warn you: When I see the images of this bright future that awaits you, I also see a dark force that could hinder your path to good luck.

This dark force has the power to repel from you all the lucky opportunities waiting for you, redirecting them towards someone else.

This dark force that will keep getting stronger because of alignment of Mercury and Jupiter in your astral chart.

Mercury is known to stop any luck, happiness or financial possibilities that stand right in front of you. It can also cause confusion in personal relationships and open past wounds.

You will feel it.

Friend, Angels Will Protect You…

Friend, I am your friend and I will always do everything necessary to protect you with all of my spiritual powers.

I am happy to inform you that there is a way to protect yourself from this storm of astrological events happening now and can cause obstacles in your path to happiness.

If you ask for the protection of Archangel Michael, this dark force can not have any effect on you and only good energies will flow into your life…

When I perform The Great Study of Karmic Revelations, I will have everything that I need to form this shield of protection around you and give you the tools to defend yourself from any and all dark forces.

I’m using this message to bring you the formal evidence of this and would like to invite you to very carefully read the following.

It is of great important…

When I speak of a Miracle, by this I mean the arrival of a phenomenon that only the one power in the world, the Divine Power is able to produce for you.

This amazing Secret has been shared with me in my Ancestral Spell book of Divine Magic, and I stand ready to offer it to you:

The Rose of Angels

This astounding Pentacle is capable of producing true “Miracles” in the life of any person who possesses it.

Its history is extremely fascinating, as you will discover in the following lines.

But well beyond its history, what is truly extraordinary are the Powers that have always been attributed to it which are protection and absolute good luck.

You are probably asking yourself, can this fascinating Pentacle also produce an incredible “Miracle” in my life?

To this I can answer categorically – Yes!

According to the facts, and according to all those who have had the incredible privilege of owning this Pentacle and benefiting from its powers of Protection and absolute Good Luck, the following is indisputable:

Most often, within 7 days of taking possession of the Rose of Angels, extraordinary phenomena of unexplained origin have occurred in the lives of the recipients of this unusual Pentacle.

Over and over again, things have unfolded in the same way. It is said. It is written. It is accurately reported.

And today, one fact is certain: if this has so far taken place in the lives of many people throughout the ages, and is still taking place today, there is absolutely no reason for it not to happen exactly in the same way for you too now!

And if, as I am sensing for you at this moment Friend, things are not getting any better in your life.

If you really are in need of Good Luck, Money, Affection, and you are aspiring to live an extraordinary new life that has nothing do to with the one you have been living, the Rose of Angels is the most radical Solution to all of your problems.

Because it is said that this prodigious Pentacle contains the surprising power to give you everything that you most want.

Absolutely Everything

You will see for yourself, in a few days, when you hold in your hands the great Rose of Angels that I have personally reserved for you.

You have to do nothing complicated other than simply recite the first Great Mystical Incantation of the Archangel Michael, as inscribed in the sacred book in my possession.

You will then invoke the Protection of this Archangel of Good Luck and Money. Then, within a few days, a first great major change will take place in your life.

Most of the people to whom I have already given this wonderful Secret speak of “Miracles”. I don’t know if you will be using this word, when, in a few days, you too, Friend, will write to tell me:

“Linda, this is extraordinary… A big sum has just come into my life, exactly as you told me it would… And this has happened just 5 days after I received my Rose of Angels…”

I can also tell you that your money worries will soon be a thing of the past.

There are 7 other great Mystical Incantations of the Archangel Michael in order to move all things in your favor in all important areas of your life and quickly make you completely fulfilled and happy.

Friend, you will receive the 7 great Mystical Incantations of the Archangel Michael free of charge with your Rose of Angels.

This is a completely gracious and personal gift that I wish to give you today.

The history of the Rose of Angels is intertwined with the 7 Great Mystical Incantations of the Archangel Michael as you can read:

The story of a strange Secret capable of producing mysterious miraculous acts is told in some of the oldest angelic writings in books contained in the great Divine ancestral library, where only a few insiders can go to consult them.

I had this privilege while I was carrying out a special study on a strange and mysterious old Pentacle that the Archangel Michael possessed…

Legend has it that this Pentacle is so powerful that it is thanks to it that the wealth of the Upper World was created.

An eternal Wealth sewn with Gold and Diamonds that the Angels distribute to the most deserving.

For this, it is said that the Angels first bring a surprising Secret to those for whom it was intended.

This Secret is none other than the Rose of the Angels with its 7 Great Mystical Incantations.

You too will possess this incredible Pentacle Friend, in the coming days, with the 7 Great Mystical Incantations of the Archangel Michael.

A Secret that is able to fulfill all your desires. Something that will provoke the arrival of these surprising events of wealth in your life.

Notably for everything that concerns money.

It is here – and I have placed it on the marble in my Prayer Hall.

Reserved Just For You, Friend…

An important clarification: the Heavens are now focusing attention on you and, through me, offering an outstretched hand, ready to direct you on the path to Happiness!

And to take you there, Friend, you will very soon be able to benefit from this extraordinary Secret of Good Luck, the Rose of Angels that I am about to send you.

This Rose will be like a good star, a genuine and essential Spiritual Guide that is capable of illuminating the new path of this beautiful destiny that is opening up in front of you.

The time has come for you to put an end to all your troubles.

Don’t you think you too have the right to be happy? The magic is everywhere and its powers have no limits!

Let’s take advantage of them, let’s combine them with my powerful gifts as a medium.

Together, we’ll make your dreams come true!

Prepare Yourself For Big Changes

Magic powers given by the Rose of Angels are such that you will receive everything that you want and need.

There is one condition: you should use it only to spread Good around you. This is an age-old rule that is part of the Sacred Pact of the Invisible World!

If you obey this rule, then the Rose of Angels will open wide the doors of Wealth and Happiness for you, just like for a few privileged people before you.

You need to know that this is an extremely rare privilege, Friend.

Along with the Rose of Angels, I will send you free of charge the 7 Great Mystical Incantations of the Archangel Michael.

They will allow you to indicate to the Sacred Pentacle in what areas of your life you most want major changes to take place.

Here’s How Things Will Happen For You…

As far as MONEY is concerned: by reciting the Mystical Incantation of Money of the Archangel Michael, which I will pass on to you, the Rose of Angels will allow you to give orders to the Invisible Forces that control this Wealth so that in less than 15 days huge sums will appear as if by magic.

You cannot yet imagine how big and how fast the Rose of Angels will be able to provoke these “Miracles” of wealth for you.

As far as LOVE is concerned: whether your dearest wish be a meeting, or the return of harmony in your marriage, or even the return of a loved one, for each case there is a special Mystical Incantation for the particular help that you need. Ask, and the “Divine World” will grant it to you. It’s that simple!

As far as GOOD LUCK is concerned: in this case too, armed with your Rose of Angels, and thanks to the Mystical Incantations that I will pass on to you, you will receive the magical ability to attract Good Luck to you. You just have to follow my instructions to the letter.

There are other examples of areas in which you can ask for all the help you need along with your Rose of Angels. I will tell you about it when the time comes.

But for now, the important thing is to know that YOU, Friend, are THE “chosen” person to receive the Rose of Angels.

My mission is not to force you to do anything.

My mission today is to explain to you why it has been so difficult. From now on, everything is going to drastically change for you.

You have what seems to me a simple choice: by agreeing to receive the Rose of Angels, you will finally get what you want and see your life move towards total Wealth…

I can assure you that within next (3) months, when you have the Rose of Angels, everything will become possible for you…

Big changes that you have hoped to see happen for so long will come to life before your very eyes. And very quickly, reality will surpass anything you could possibly have imagined.

But The Decision Is Yours, Friend…

None of this is a coincidence…

You are about to take possession of the powerful Rose of Angels, the most powerful of all the Divine Secrets.

But nothing will happen unless you do something about it, and you might be in the same position 1, 5, or even 10 years from now.

However, by accepting my offer you could change your luck just as I can foresee for you within next (3) months…

Lady Luck won’t wait for you forever.

For me I have to get ready to act as soon as the time comes.

Send me your consent immediately by pressing “Yes, I Want The Rose of Angels” button below.

You Are The Chosen One, My Dear!

Rose of Angels and The (7) Great Mystical Incantations of Archangel Michael Will Shield You From Negative Energies and Dark Forces That Want To Harm You…
Instead of Danger, it can be a VERY POSITIVE event for you if you ask for the Protection of Archangel Michael. Love, Luck, Money and Happiness will flow into your life…

Usually The Rose of Angels and The (7) Great Mystical Incantations of Archangel Michael cost $500. But today I will send them for Just $67!

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With my sincere love 

Your devoted friend

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This is what she wrote:

“Linda, I must admit that at first I had a little trouble believing you. But now, I’ve completely changed my mind! Exactly like you told me, a first financial event took place in my life. I had nothing before, but I now find myself with a small fortune. Finally, I can offer my three boys a decent life with a good education. I do not know how to thank you enough. And even more miraculously, a man has come into my life. I will tell you more about this next time. Warmest regards.”

No comment! And one thing is certain: it is now your turn…

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